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Ekorix is a packaging waste reprocessing company working within the UK market

Our main goal 

People are more aware now of the human impact on the environment, trying to use more sustainable products, reduce waste and recycle more. Ekorix is proud to be a forward-thinking company that is helping to reduce environmental impact and our main goal is to reprocess plastic and packaging waste for reuse and keep it away from UK landfills.


what we do

Ekorix is all about less human impact on the environment, filling of UK landfills, capturing waste plastic and channelling it into a more sustainable product and carries out reprocessing in a European plant which was founded in 2007 and fully licensed by the Ministry of the Environment. Collecting recyclable plastic, transporting to get reprocessed and reuse as LDPE granules.


The plant currently works at a capacity of 1000 tonnes per month and by end of the year 2020 our target is to achieve 1500 tonnes per month thanks to the installation of more production lines.



Tonnes per month now

Tonnes in 2020

be part of our future

The business continues to grow and develop, with partners around the UK for both waste collection and reprocessed materials purchase. Ekorix is always interested in collaborating with anyone with an interest, new potential clients to build an even stronger infrastructure and help the environment, fewer UK landfills and human impact.


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